Late one night a client’s family member messaged saying she had been taken to hospital with spinal fractures & internal bleeding. Remote sessions were initiated with permission in conjunction with her hospital care. Engaging her body’s systems to synchronize better, she went from ICU to home care in a matter of weeks instead of months.  Recovery progressed rapidly, with her rehabilitation impressing all the doctors, physios & occupational therapists along the way.

“I will never forget what you did for me, I can’t thank you enough. I know in my heart my recovery was so much quicker and easier thanks to the work you were able to do on me. The world should know you and what you do.”

60yo Female - Hospital & Rehab

Family at Outdoor Event



A client came to me finding herself in an ill state of health & injury, wanting her immediate needs addressed.  After 3 months her health was restored to her satisfaction. 10 years later she still has her maintenance sessions monthly via remote / distance after moving interstate. Her evidence she says;

“Not having to take any medications, less physical restrictions & stress. My health has increased not decreased over the last decade .......What’s not to like?  I haven’t had to take up special exercise regimes, restrictive diets or find outlets for stress. I know what life was like without my health and I intend to keep it, thanks to you and your wonderful work.”

62yo Female - Queensland

Healthy Diet



A lady came to see me seeking help for intolerances to things like gluten, grains, sugar & certain proteins.  After 5 sessions along with some lifestyle changes what was once a very restricted & bland diet was now a thing of the past. Her greatest joy she said was being able to fully enjoy & join in on Easter & Christmas meals, celebrating with her family.

“It’s so nice to have the freedom to enjoy my food again, it’s been amazing - Thank you once again.”

50yo Female - Grandmother



Seeking other options for 10+ years of steroid creams & specialists not being able to cure his condition bought this client in. Their torso, head & face were constantly flaking, shedding & bleeding to the point of deeply affecting their personal & professional life. A serious case, a combination of Bodytalk related methods were employed over the next several months. The client reported they could see & feel new layers of skin coming through. Within 3 months the changes were observable for all to see. With their new appearance & health they regained their confidence back in their personal & professional life.

33yo Male - New skin from within

Man Sleeping



Two years of chronic fatigue had seen this patient try many therapies, but none had helped them completely recover. There were several different issues it was not just one thing, so we had to address them in a way the body could handle without getting tired & overwhelmed. In 9 sessions the various issues were resolved calling on various modalities to aid in the body’s own processes. They were relieved & happy to get their quality of life back once more.

“Thank you for giving me my life back.......... what a journey. I have learnt so much about who I am and how my body works, an eye-opening experience for sure. Being able to weave multiple therapies into the one session that I needed was so helpful it saved me so much time and money in my recovery - Thanks a million!”

29yo Male - Helped when no one else could

Female Tennis Player



A motorcycle injury left this client with a broken foot & a chronic knee problem. Non-responsive to conventional therapies for 12 weeks he was told he would never walk properly again without corrective surgery. Unsatisfied with this diagnosis he looked for a new direction with BodyTalk. Within 3 weeks at 2 sessions a week he was walking unaided again, going on to a full recovery, returning to his sport with no surgery.

“It helped me find out what my body was missing.  I added some simple things into my rehab routine, we did our follow ups for 3 weeks and job done…. I’m a huge advocate. Get in to see this guy people, your body and career will thank you.”

37yo Male - Proving others wrong




A client injured several years ago had regained 80-85% shoulder function. It came up in a general session one day that the function could be improved. It turned out there was some emotional link restricting the shoulder.  Now identified, the emotional link was dealt with & the client regained full use of his shoulder.

“That’s crazy after all this time it’s working like the other one. No clunking, cracking or prodding work required, my shoulder is back working like it never happened..... Genius!”

33yo Male - Back to 100%

Dermatology Consultation



40 or so years after being burnt on the neck as a child, my client had been through some physical & emotional trauma as a result of this large scar / burn. We addressed the scarring by looking at the mental / emotional associations around it & had her do some manual tissue work at home between sessions. The scarring had never healed due to the emotional trauma associated with it. The combination of physical & emotional work helped the body bring the skin back to a normal state. She was thankful that the scar was gone & felt the 1hr 45min drive to see me in person was worth every penny.

45yo Female- What our scars hide

Family Dispute



A man in his 50’s came to me referred by a family friend. He was having difficulties after separating from his wife of many years. He had never experienced this kind of loss, grief, feelings of depression & loneliness before. His session was quite simple..... Help the body work out how to process these emotions. Never seeing him again I always wondered how he got on.  A couple of weeks later that same family friend of his came in for their regular session with me. They reported he was a completely changed man overnight, all the feelings he had been feeling were quickly dispersed & he felt strong, happy & content with his new life & family dynamic.

58yo male - Divorce is never easy

Pile of Pills



With an onset of a chocolate addiction over the previous 6 months a client called in for some help with overcoming it. One visit was all that was required, the cravings had gone. Nearly 2 years later I was contacted to help with another issue. I asked how the cravings had been & she said ....

“I just don’t have the taste or desire for it anymore. We have it in the house still and it doesn’t interest me in the slightest, makes life so much easier. Thanks again for giving me your knowledge and expertise.”

40yo Female - The pantry is now a safe place

Kids Doing Homework



Having trouble with learning & comprehension a primary school student was bought in to see if Bodytalk could help. After the first session a review was scheduled for 3-4 weeks. By the end of the 2nd week their teacher rang the parent with questions about their child....

“They said they had seen a dramatic turn-around in every aspect of learning like a “switch” had been turned on. We are happy to have our son now up to the level of his peers so easily and quickly.”

9yo Boy - Minor change, big difference

Mother and a Child



With sleeping issues since she was a teenager & other health issues in play, sleep was even more important & something that needed addressing. In just two “Distance” sessions with this client & some “homework” over the course of a few weeks, we were able to help establish a much longer, healthier & regular sleep cycle.

“I feel like I’m on track now..........  not just with my sleep. Thanks again!”

30yo Female - Sleeping beauty

Dog in the Parkl



Happy & active their whole life this dog suffered a sudden decline in health with weight loss, stiffness in the joints & fatigue. Her owner contacted me after vet clinic studies showed nothing to indicate her deteriorating condition. Within a few short treatments & a dietary change she was getting back to her normal self with increased movement, appetite & energy.

“She is like our child, so we wanted to do anything to help. Turned out to be the best thing we did, wish we had of made contact sooner, may of saved a few hundred of dollars at the vets.”

11yo Dog - A new lease on life


DISCLAIMER - Services provided are based on concepts of inner balance and communication - Intended for clients subjective sense of personal wellness, balance and performance. They DO NOT replace medical diagnosis or treatment.