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They are mini versions of us, however children’s health & wellness needs can differ from adults. Not always able to express what’s wrong & how they’re feeling, they look to us for help & guidance on what they’re experiencing & why. When we can’t provide that, it can create stress for everyone involved, including family, teachers, care givers & alike. Many people seek my services & BodyTalk as an additional natural resource & support for their child’s needs, be they physical, emotional, social or environmental. This isn’t just for adults, it’s for the kids too.



Emotions & feelings are there to teach, challenge, inspire & help our children grow. If there are issues in experiencing, coping with or comprehending feelings & emotions it can be stressful for your child but also everyone involved in their life. If early emotional experiences or present ones are presenting concerns, then options geared towards having the mind & body process & release them in a healthy, natural way could be an alternative to explore. This work is here to support you & your child’s own systems in naturally processing emotions & feelings.



It’s an integral part of growing up & being part of family, social, sporting & schooling communities. Children are constantly growing, learning & interacting in different situations, but sometimes we notice as parents or get reported to us our child is having issues in these areas. There has been a growing number of parents coming in & seeking new ways to resolve & manage these issues. Giving them an opportunity to feel / achieve some context in their inner/outer world allows us to support them in growing with their interactions & social development.



Sometimes they’re cute, sometimes not so much, especially when you or your child have no conscious control over them. Many of the patterns & behaviors we see quite often can trace back to physical, environmental & or emotional triggers & cues. Its amazing how children can pick up these behaviors & patterns, what’s also amazing is how flexible & malleable they can be in adapting & moving beyond them. Which is why I use the BodyTalk system, to support them in being able to reach deeper levels of balance within the mind / body connection, where habit & behavior patterns can reside.



They can grow up so fast, & for the most part, things track along as they are meant to. But when something pops up, whether it’s minor or something more serious like injury, growing pains, sensitivities / intolerance, body issues & alike, it would be nice to be able to check in on their developing systems. Supporting the mind & body steering themselves in the right direction can sometimes make all the difference. Children generally respond well to the BodyTalk system. Life is so much simpler as a kid - they just don't have all those years of "stuff" to work through like some adults do.


All children are different & as such, the way they learn, input & map new information in their systems is too. There are many things that can get in the way of your child’s learning potential, from pre-birth right through to their teenage years. Those things can be as unique as the children themselves. Seeing what is going on for them as an individual in the unique ways they learn, input, communicate, map onto & interpret things makes logical sense. Looking for a new avenue to naturally support & work with learning challenges - Then make contact & let's have a chat .....



Not just for the adults, seniors, athletes & animals, maintenance sessions are a great idea for the kids too. Your children don’t have to be sick, injured or suffering emotional problems. As they go through their developmental years it’s a great way to check in on things across their systems & networks, to see how they are feeling, adapting & interacting within themselves & the world around them. Working with children at any stage can help build on their foundations of physical, emotional & environmental resilience / stability, to help them become healthy adults.

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DISCLAIMER - Services provided are based on concepts of inner balance and communication - Intended for clients subjective sense of personal wellness, balance and performance. They DO NOT replace medical diagnosis or treatment.

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