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Are you sensitive to things, experience life differently to others? You’re not alone, there are many people like you out there, it’s just not often spoken about. Whether it’s your natural state, or because something is causing a sensitivity, it can require gentle, unique & individual care to address your health & wellness needs. BodyTalk looks to support your systems naturally in physical, emotional & environmental sensitivities. Be it crowds, weather, objects, food, emotions, places, memories, BodyTalk frameworks offer sensitive people user friendly options.


Sometimes sensitivity can be experienced by the body physically. This can be felt by parts of the body like skin, eyes, muscles & joints, but also through systems like the digestive, respiratory & nervous system. Others can experience altered sensation/sensitivity in touch, smell, taste, sound & vision. This can translate to issues with our perceptions & how we experience the world. Whether things have been this way for a short or a long time, there may be potential & opportunity to create better & more balanced physical responses & patterns.


Ever felt like everyone else doesn’t care as much about things as you do? Or you become easily upset or triggered by things & it doesn’t always make sense why? You could have underlying reasons for these patterns or it may be part of your natural interaction with the world. Either way these feelings & emotions can create disruption & turbulence in your life. Emotional sensitivity is more common than people realize. The work I do with BodyTalk looks to promote & support your own natural emotional re-balancing. A user-friendly option for those who feel sensitive naturally or due to other factors.


These sensitivities can seem to come from any direction & in all shapes & sizes. When environmental stresses are present, especially when you’re not aware of them, they can put mind & body on 24hr alert. Sensitivities to work, home, school, electrical devices/signals, other people & anywhere really that you find yourself. This can lead to ongoing physical, mental & emotional stress. Sensitive people need more choices to help them become better balanced & more resilient, so they don’t have to pretend or hide from the world.


It seems to be an ever-increasing issue; more & more people are experiencing intolerance & sensitivity to foods. Whether it’s a mild sensitivity to one or two foods, or more severe things, there are other options to explore than avoidance & restrictive diets alone. Sometimes the issue isn't the food itself, it is the body’s immune system response to that food. That’s why we want to open up better lines of communication, so that the mind & body can allow itself to make better, more informed & balanced decisions around its responses to foods.


If you are more “wired” to be sensitive & this is your natural state of balance, it can come with both positive & negative aspects at times. For those that have come to this realization about themselves, a family member or loved one, maintenance & care is an important part of keeping that natural state of balance level. The BodyTalk System works well with people that are sensitive physically, emotionally & environmentally. It can help nurture & maintain healthy sensitivity levels but also works with those aspects that need to build up resilience.


Sensitivity can be seen at any age & can develop over time for some people, you don’t have to necessarily be “born” that way. Whether it's sensitivity in an infant right through to people in their senior years it can play differing roles in our lives. It can positively or negatively affect relationships with ourselves, others, what we eat & our reactions to the environment. No matter what your point in life BodyTalk uses techniques & approaches that look to gently support you or your loved ones experiencing sensitivity challenges.


DISCLAIMER - Services provided are based on concepts of inner balance and communication - Intended for clients subjective sense of personal wellness, balance and performance. They DO NOT replace medical diagnosis or treatment.

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