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To feel at our best there are things we like to do / have to maintain optimal levels. They come in a variety of forms, some we perform, ingest or follow consciously, while others we do naturally like sleep, digest & emotionally process. If your balance is “off” either physically, emotionally or environmentally, these processes could be inhibited. Having your systems re-establish underlying connections can lead to naturally restoring those functions while maintaining natural focus & energy on & off the court.

Bodytalk for performance



Everyone is looking for an edge, that “thing” that’s going to make a difference. What makes it difficult is what works for some doesn’t always work for others. Getting your performance fine-tuned to your individual needs, whether it’s for junior, senior, amateur or professional training & competition can make all the difference in helping you achieve peak performance. With a range of new & tried / tested approaches to personal wellness & performance, let's see how we could be taking your game in mind & body to the next level.

Bodytalk for anxiety and motivation



There can be nothing worse when it hits, stopping you from feeling & giving your best, not knowing why it’s happening or how long it will last. There can be physical, mental, emotional & environmental factors combining to get in the way of your motivation & level of potential. By using methods such as BodyTalk, it supports you making your own adjustments in emotions, sub-conscious beliefs, self drive & alike during play, training & recovery. This allows your natural game, determination & ability to play a more focused & balanced role.

Bodytalk for timing and performance



Need a boost at the right time during your training, match or event? Time release sessions are a great way to do that, especially as you can’t always take a break or have your trainer/therapist/ coach or sports psychologist out there with you. These sessions can be set up ahead of your training, match or event & released by the body at the right time. Whether it’s for focus, strength, endurance, strategy, recovery or a simple mental reset, this kind of “pre-game” & “post-game” work can really help support you at the time & place when you need it.

Bodytalk for holistic health maintenance


It’s an important part of training, competing & sustaining longevity in your physical & sporting pursuits. Engaging your inner self-maintenance systems & supporting them to function at their peak makes sense to have in an athlete’s regime both “on” & “off” the field. This can take away some of the conscious effort required to maintain things, recruiting resources at a deeper level is a win/win on time, effort & efficiency. With sessions available in person & via distance/remote, the work I do can be a great addition for creating rounded athletic performance, maintenance & care programs.

Bodytalk for healing injuries


We train to refine technique, build strength, flexibility, endurance, mental toughness, yet still can find ourselves susceptible to injury. Why do some people never get injured & others eat well, have great technique, look after themselves & still “injury prone”? This could be your internal healing & repair mechanisms not communicating about current & previously injured areas. Getting these pathways re-established & allowing there to be a greater communication can greatly enhance athlete’s recovery time & reduce injury risk.

Bodytalk for energy


To feel at our best we know we need to maintain good energy levels. The regulation of this is mostly driven by our internal systems. They need good communication to help us regain energy naturally through sleep, digestion, recovery & dis-guarding of physical & emotional excess. If your energy levels are out of balance having your systems re-establish underlying connections can lead to naturally restoring those energy levels. So if you want to naturally restore your energy from the inside out this could be a good place to start.

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DISCLAIMER - Services provided are based on concepts of inner balance and communication - Intended for clients subjective sense of personal wellness, balance and performance. They DO NOT replace medical diagnosis or treatment.

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