How I Work With You

I work with you using the BodyTalk system, its “plug & play” nature allows us to better synchronize with your mind, body & other therapies to support & promote communication, healing & repair. As a practitioner & therapist I want to bring everything I can to the table for my clients. This system helps me do that, to better understand physical, emotional & environmental links in the body, & how to contribute to more successful outcomes. Explore below different ways we can support you with your mind, body & movement today.

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BodyTalk is fast becoming the revolution & evolution in personal healthcare & human performance. It’s techniques, philosophies & concepts are changing the way we view & take control of our health. BodyTalk recognizes if communication in the body breaks down, it can compromise health, wellness & performance. Developed with this in mind, BodyTalk is a gentle, effective.....

Working with fascia can be integral to restoration & support of health in physical & non-physical aspects. Your fascia tissue runs from head to toe, superficial to deep, creating, influencing & supporting intimate relationships between body structures & systems. Bowen therapy & its influence on fascia supports the mind / body in resetting negative, adaptive & dysfunctional patterns, we commonly know as pain, discomfort or injury. It's non-invasive, gentle techniques are applicable to all ages & body types.....

Veltheim Method Lymphatic Drainage (VMLD) is a unique & highly effective technique, combining both BodyTalk & Lymphatic Drainage principles. It aids in movement of the body’s lymphatic fluid but also other areas of resistance, sluggishness & blockage. VMLD utilizes lymphatic knowledge of Eastern, Western & other philosophies  to support better function & maintenance on multiple levels.....


DISCLAIMER - Services provided are based on natural concepts in self healing, wellness & performance. They are gentle & non-invasive in nature, intended for the benefit of body & mind in re-establishing its own balance. They DO NOT replace medical diagnosis or treatment.


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