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Emotional energies are something we all feel at one time or another, and in one way or another. But what if that energy got caught or held up somewhere, would you know ?  Do you ever feel, or even know in yourself that you’ve got some old baggage hanging around from last week, month, year, decade or even longer you’d like to get rid of ? Do you ever wonder if that’s holding you back / weighing you down now in the present ? Well these energies could be what are termed as - Trapped Emotions in The Emotion Code System.

Giving the mind/body an opportunity to dive deeper into underlying energies like trapped emotions can be a real gift to individuals and families. The feelings of being physically or emotionally stuck, overwhelmed or held back can distract / disrupt us from life’s aspirations, motivations & goals. Sometimes our path to wellness can just have these “speed bumps” or seemingly “brick walls” of trapped emotion getting in the way.

Emotion Code uses an empowering yet simple 4 step - gentle, non-invasive process created by Dr. Bradley Nelson (D.C.,ret).  He developed the Emotion Code after over 20 years as a holistic Chiropractor in the USA. Today his methods are used all over the world by various practitioners, and have become a clientele / fan favorite here at the practice across the online, phone and in-person appointment platforms.

As a qualified Emotion Code Practitioner (ECP), I get to support many different people across all phases of life. I believe creating a balance in our emotional energy is an essential / important part of bringing balancing to other parts of ourselves. So if that philosophy makes sense to you then great - why not book in an Emotion Code session - OR - Check out the inspiration & working with pages for more information.


DISCLAIMER - Services provided are based on concepts of inner balance and communication - Intended for clients subjective sense of personal wellness, balance and performance. They DO NOT replace medical diagnosis or treatment.

EMOTION CODE: Testimonials
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