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BodyTalk is fast becoming a revolution & evolution in self health, wellness & performance. It's techniques & philosophies are changing the way we view & take care of ourselves. BodyTalk recognizes if communication systems break down it compromises both the mind & body. Developed with this in mind, BodyTalk uses gentle, non invasive, practical ways to support / promote healthy inner communication & function. If mind & body can talk / communicate better, the greater the opportunity for change at a physical, emotional & environmental level.

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Physical, emotional & environmental factors like stress, illness, injury & overwhelm we know commonly relate to mind / body communication breakdown. BodyTalk looks to support mind & body in prioritizing & sequencing work on these factors systematically, while also working at the causative level. BodyTalk's aim is to support communication, awareness & synchronicity quietly & efficiently, working to the best of your body's ability & potential. As this process is the mind / body working on itself, it helps build on its own knowledge, resilience, strength, understanding & confidence from within.

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The mind & body have a deep connection at the levels of cause, but our stresses & relationships with them can break our communication systems down, impeding our ability to send / receive, comprehend & influence the formulation of appropriate responses. As restoration of communication in the body is key, it makes sense to use a system like BodyTalk & its sub branches of Fascial Energetics & Lymphatic Drainage to delve into issues of the body/mind complex. It gives you the distinct advantage of working at a deeper level, where levels of cause often reside, while also looking at addressing symptoms being experienced.

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In BodyTalk we recognize there is an “innate intelligence” or wisdom that the body/mind possess. It helps us eat, sleep, breathe, work, live, love, learn, compete & train all without much conscious effort. This innate intelligence uses & forms part of our inner communication systems & networks. Working in conjunction with this innate intelligence that drives, governs & keeps us in balance allows BodyTalk to work with you not just on you, allowing you to tap into your own potentials & resources for self healing, growth, adaptation, maintenance & repair. BodyTalk is a paradigm shift in both conventional thinking & holistic approaches.


DISCLAIMER - Services provided are based on concepts of inner balance and communication - Intended for clients subjective sense of personal wellness, balance and performance. They DO NOT replace medical diagnosis or treatment.

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