Working with your body’s own systems to initiate & drive change means we have great flexibility in how, when & where sessions can take place. In-person sessions are available in-clinic or by house call/onsite visit by arrangement. Distance sessions are available live via PHONE or ONLINE through ZOOM. Remote sessions are available via Email. It’s about what’s going to work best for you. Fascial Energetics & Lymphatic Drainage being more physically based are offered through in-person appointments.

bodytalk distance sessions



These have become a favorite among many clients. Distance sessions are conducted live via phone or Zoom, saving you time & money on call out fees, working around issues of family/health/injury constraints, not living locally, holidaying interstate/overseas, competing away at a sporting event, just to name a few. Remote sessions can be done without you being present & your session can be discussed / forwarded to you at a more convenient time. You're the one driving & processing changes, so wherever you are that’s where it's happening.

Free wellness call


If you want to find out more about the different ways you can work with me, or about how the BodyTalk System works, be it for yourself or a loved one, take advantage of a FREE 20 minute Wellbeing Call. You will get the chance to talk with me directly 1 on 1 & discuss your situation, letting us delve a little deeper & help me understand more about your journey, where you’ve come from & where you want to get to with your health, wellness or performance goals. It’s FREE, NO obligation - just a chance to connect & find out a little more..... Book Online.


DISCLAIMER - Services provided are based on concepts of inner balance and communication - Intended for clients subjective sense of personal wellness, balance and performance. They DO NOT replace medical diagnosis or treatment.