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The work I do is flexible to your situation, location & level of need. It’s about supporting mind & body working together & synchronizing to shift things naturally. With in-person, phone, online, distance & remote sessions all available it gives you access to support in developing your own balance, wellness & performance. I’ve done sessions for people on mountain tops, in hospital, sick at home, on holiday, at work, on & off court, just to name a few. See more about who I work with & how I work with them below.

It can be one of the busiest, most important times in our lives. No longer just about us, our lives contain roles, rights & responsibilities. Managing these while finding practices / philosophies that suit our health & wellness needs can be challenging. The personal, functional & holistic approaches I use are growing in trend, not just among the few who doing their "homework" or have been “left out in the cold” by conventional practices & therapies but everyday people too.....

Group lecture for adults
Natural health solutions for children for

They are mini versions of us, however children’s health & wellness needs can differ from adults. Not always able to express what’s wrong & how they’re feeling, they look to us for help & guidance on what they’re experiencing & why. When we can’t provide that, it can create stress for everyone involved, including family, teachers, care givers & alike. Many people seek my services & BodyTalk as an additional resource & support for their child’s needs, be they physical, emotional, social, environmental or combinations of.....

Your whole body contributes to athletic performance, so why not use “body talk” approaches to achieve your best results. Professionals, enthusiasts, weekend warriors & budding stars all want to boost performance & recovery while gaining a competitive edge. Now you can take advantage of ways serious athletes choose to maintain their body & mind on & off the field. Your systems integrations are “key” to you reaching your full potential, in sport & in life. If you want to.....

Bodytalk for athletes
Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

As we age, new issues can pop up & old ones can catch up with us. What if there were other ways to help your body manage better as you age? What if those ways could help improve what you’re currently doing, or even help you cut back on them? Would that make managing your health easier, cheaper & less time consuming for you & your family? If you’re looking to create better health & quality of life for yourself or a loved one, not just manage mental, physical & emotional decline.....

Are you sensitive to things, experience life differently to others? You’re not alone, there are many people like you out there, it’s just not often spoken about. Whether it’s your natural state, or because something is causing a sensitivity, it can require gentle, unique & individual care to address your health & wellness needs. Working with the body, seeing sensitivities for what they are, & not automatically as weakness or error is how it should be.....

Bodytalk for Sensitive People
Bodytalk for Health Professionals

Modalities working from a more holistic perspective are increasing in number & popularity. They don’t need to be in competition with the more specific therapies you're using. In fact, they can work well together to support overall outcomes. If BodyTalk can support the mind & body in its communication, that can have a positive flow on effect to other methods & strategies being utilized. This can be helpful with those clients that don’t fit the mold or aren’t fully responding to treatment the way you think they should.....


DISCLAIMER - Services provided are based on concepts of inner balance and communication - Intended for clients subjective sense of personal wellness, balance and performance. They DO NOT replace medical diagnosis or treatment.

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