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It’s a privilege working with people to synchronize, engage & support their own systems for change. Whether it’s health, wellness or performance, sometimes we just need a hand in achieving the desired outcome. The mind & body are an incredible healing tool, not bound by conventional limitations. So enlisting them alongside the practices that do have limitations makes sense right..... is this the piece of the puzzle you’ve been missing ? Check out some of the things people have wanted to recruit their own healing systems for.



We train to refine technique, build strength, flexibility, endurance, mental toughness, yet still can find ourselves susceptible to injury. Why do some people never get injured & others have great technique, eat well, look after themselves & are “injury prone”? This sometimes can be the body’s internal healing & repair mechanisms not communicating about current & previously injured areas correctly. Getting these pathways re-established & allowing there to be greater communication can greatly enhance an athlete’s recovery time & reduce injury risk.


By far one of the most important areas within a mind/body health & wellness approach. Everyone has experienced emotions / trauma & our bodies, minds & hearts are designed to process them. But sometimes they don’t get completely processed for one reason or another. They become “baggage,” accumulating & manifesting in different ways in our systems, without us ever putting 2&2 together (symptom vs cause). If this way of looking at emotions, baggage & trauma makes sense, then why not try some gentle, efficient body driven alternatives.

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Healthy Diet


Sensitivity can be seen at any age & can develop over time for some people, you don’t have to necessarily be “born” that way. Whether it's sensitivity in an infant right through to people in their senior years it can play differing roles in our lives. It can positively or negatively affect relationships with ourselves, others, what we eat & our reactions to the environment. No matter what your age there are techniques & approaches that look to work at a gentle & subtle level to support care for all ages.


To feel bright & energetic there are things we like to do / have to maintain those levels. They come in a variety of forms, some we perform, ingest or follow consciously, while others we do naturally like sleep, digest & emotionally process. If your balance is “off” either physically, emotionally or environmentally, these things could be inhibited. Having your systems re-establish underlying connections could support you naturally restoring those functions & you maintaining healthy levels of vibrancy & energy.

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These have become a favorite among many clients. Distance sessions are conducted live via phone or Zoom, saving you time & money on call out fees, working around issues of family/health/injury constraints, not living locally, holidaying interstate/overseas, competing away at a sporting event, just to name a few. Remote sessions can be done without you being present & your session can be discussed / forwarded to you at a more convenient time. Your body is the one processing the changes, so wherever you are that’s where your session is happening.


All children are different & as such, the way they learn, input & map new information in their systems can be too. There are many things that can get in the way of your child’s learning potential, from pre-birth right through to their teenage years. Those things can be as unique as the children themselves. Seeing what is going on for them as an individual in the unique ways they learn, input, communicate, map onto & interpret things makes logical sense. If your looking for new avenues to support learning & development then make contact today.

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They say a little maintenance goes a long way. When things don’t feel or work as well as they should, it can be a sign things physically, emotionally or environmentally are out of balance & communication. If we can work with the body to keep itself communicating, functioning & self-repairing, the process of maintenance & self care becomes easier physically, emotionally & financially. Want to invest in yourself & not just the latest/greatest “bandaid” when things aren't going right, then the work I do might interest you.


These things can be hard to deal with, especially when there is no conscious answer to the problem. Many of these patterns & behaviors we experience can trace back to physical, emotional or environmental triggers & cues. Its amazing what we associate with these behaviors & patterns. It's also amazing how adaptable mind & body can be when working together on breaking them down. BodyTalk looks to synchronize things at a deeper level, so you can overwrite & create changes for yourself naturally from within.



Our skin can be a window into what's going on, or not going on inside us. It protects us, lets us experience our world through touch, even attracts others to us. It forms part of our communication & defense network. Because skin issues go more than just skin deep, so to must our way must of looking at how we can naturally support change. Having our own systems supporting one of our most important organs from the inside out just makes sense. What's does your skin saying about your mind & body's journey ?


DISCLAIMER - Services provided are based on concepts of inner balance and communication - Intended for clients subjective sense of personal wellness, balance and performance. They DO NOT replace medical diagnosis or treatment.

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