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VMLD is a unique & highly effective technique, combining both BodyTalk & Lymphatic Drainage principles. It aids in shifting the body’s lymphatic fluid, supporting areas of resistance, sluggishness & blockage. It utilizes Eastern, Western & other lymphatic philosophies to support function & balance across multiple levels. Lymphatic issues can present on a physical, mental, emotional & environmental level. Gentle, non-invasive & most of all easy, VMLD helps support your lymphatic system so your lymphatic system can support you.

VMLD gives your body the opportunity & potential to work through your physical & other internal build-ups. If you’ve been feeling physically or emotionally stuck, flat, sluggish, low on energy, compromised immunity, poor healing response, puffy or swollen either with or without pain, Veltheim Method Lymphatic Drainage massage could potentially offer you a missing piece to your health, wellness or performance puzzle.

The lymphatic system is a “river of life” in the body; the flip side is it can also be a “river of garbage.” Movement of the lymphatic fluid (or lymph) through this system helps keep itself & you clean & healthy on the inside. When it slows or stagnates through illness, injury or lack of physical movement it limits our ability to heal, repair & deal with things throughout the body. VMLD massage promotes mobilization of the lymph, clearing build up within the system & helping to cleanse the body.

Massage Therapy

This approach can be used with varied health / wellness challenges & used in conjunction with other therapies. VMLD defies the traditional Western understanding of the lymphatic system, differing in the way it’s applied & applies to your body.  This approach is often requested by people who want to experience physical & emotional shifts in their body a different way, using a holistic & gentle method to simultaneously cleanse & detoxify mind & body.


DISCLAIMER - Services provided are based on concepts of inner balance and communication - Intended for clients subjective sense of personal wellness, balance and performance. They DO NOT replace medical diagnosis or treatment.

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