It's All Connected

Working with fascia can be integral to support health in physical & non-physical aspects. Fascia runs from head to toe forming, influencing & supporting intimate relationships between our different structures & systems. Fascia Therapies support re-alignment of negative, adaptive & dysfunctional patterns affecting fascia. It's non-invasive, gentle techniques are applicable to all ages & body types. Whether it’s to enhance health & wellness or because current treatments aren't holding strong over time, Fascia Therapies could be what helps bring it all together.

Did you know things like physical injury, emotions, active & stored memories, belief systems & even environmental factors can have the potential to create / trigger / modify & store disruptive patterns in your body’s fascia system ? Applications such as quantum physics to the human body show that much of our communication is electromagnetic in nature. The body’s fascia network provides a medium for conducting various frequencies in the body.

The relevance of this - If we have issues affecting or storing in our fascia this can affect not only our ability to communicate at a body wide level but also affect our posture, range of motion, body tension, pain & discomfort levels. It can also contribute to formation of barriers, leading to restriction of circulation, lymphatics & the flow of neural & energetic pathways. This is where the work I do with Fascia Therapies can be of assistance to you & your body/mind systems.

Most fascia treatments, classes & training are centered around release of fascia through specific physical movements & sequences, without necessarily delving any deeper, just releasing the fascia & stepping aside. Fascia Therapies I include look deeper at various underlying factors that may be affecting fascia. Typically I will use this where physical & manual releases alone aren't having the specific influence needed to achieve longer lasting effects.


DISCLAIMER - Services provided are based on natural concepts in self healing, wellness & performance. They are gentle & non-invasive in nature, intended for the benefit of body & mind in re-establishing its own balance. They DO NOT replace medical diagnosis or treatment.


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